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If you meet all of the requirements below and want to start a course, please read this document first to learn the details of how you can make a course with me. Then, send me an email with your Udemy email address, your proposed course title and subject, and a link to your Udemy instructor bio. I will then send you an invitation to create the course. Everything for how to create the course with me is explained below. If you have more questions, please read the FAQ section of my website. If you do not see your question answered there, email me at anytime! I will do my best to follow up as soon as possible which might be 24 to 72 hours to respond to your message and create the course. Please see instructor rules for further details.

Section I: Mandatory Requirements to create a Udemy course with me:

Currently, I am a bestselling online instructor at Udemy.com. If you want to make a course with me, I need to see that you are a successful Udemy instructor yourself!

This is why I require you to have created two great courses on your own first and you have practiced at least some of the principles I share in my Complete Online Teaching Masterclass.

These four bullet points are the specific requirements:

1) Have two or more courses published and live on the Udemy marketplace.

The purpose of this is to make sure you already can make a course by yourself that meets Udemy's quality standards.

2) Have at least 2,000 students total enrolled in your courses.

The purpose of this is to demonstrate that you make courses that people are willing to take.

3) Have at least 20 total reviews on your courses with an average of 4 stars or higher per review.

The purpose of this is to establish that students enjoy learning with you on Udemy.

4) You must agree to make a course with me following the steps below and to answer all future student questions posted in the course.

If you have met the requirements above and will work with me as outlined below, I will most likely be willing to work with you.

Section II: How To Get Started Creating A Course With Me On Udemy

1) Send me an email with a proposed course title and your Udemy email address.

2) I will use your Udemy email address to invite you to create the course and set the income to 50/50 (technically 25/25 with Udemy getting 50) with a course price of $195 or less if you request a smaller price. The Minimum I will Sell A Course For is $95.

WARNING: Please Read The Next Step Carefully!

3) You Must First submit a test video in our Udemy Course to get feedback so that I can see that your audio & video setup is going to pass Udemy’s review System. This is a required step and must be followed before creating any videos/content in our  course.

4) You outline and complete 3+ hours of HD video lectures in the course with at least two quizzes and two PDF document files.

5) All lectures you film for our course must be EXCLUSIVE TO OUR COURSE, NEWLY FILMED, and ORIGINAL.

6) In the outline, you suggest at least 5 video lectures for me to create that will assist students in completing the course based on what you see of my experience that will prove helpful. For example, you can have me do the intro lecture, the concluding lecture, lectures explaining how to get more help, a lecture encouraging students to post discussions in the course on certain topics, and whatever else you think I can add successfully to the course. You can make a maximum of 10 lectures for me to do in the course prior to approval. If I can add more to the course, I will do it after it is approved.

7) When you have completed your entire part of the course, you then send me a message saying everything is done except my lectures and the promo video. I will film all of my lectures and the promo video at this point. I will also add to the course summary, title, and learning objectives whatever I can above what you already have done. I will then submit the course for approval and work with Udemy on anything needed to get it approved.

8) When the course is approved, I will send a promo email to the most relevant of my existing students offering first access to the course. I will also include a link to the course on my website and in all of my other promo codes. Udemy will then try to sell the course to all of my existing students via email.

The purpose of setting everything up this way is to give you a chance to make a course with me without me having to guess at whether you are worth making a course with or not. If you do not meet the requirements yet, you can use the courses I teach on Udemy to get there and then ask to work with me as soon as you have met them. If you already meet the requirements above and are ready to do a course with me, the system I have built will allow you to do any course you want with me to start and then to repeat this process once we launch successful courses.

Section III: FAQ

Here are a few questions I would guess you might have in getting started. I answer these now to hopefully eliminate the need to answer them all privately.

1) What topic should I teach?

Whatever you are most excited about making a course on right now. In working with you, the main thing I care about is that you finish your part of the course. Whatever course you feel you are most likely to immediately finish, let's do that!

2) What if I already have a course out on that topic?

Then we can make another one together! You can see examples across Udemy of several instructors that have done very well making several courses on the same topic.

3) Will you pick who to work with based on any other factors listed above?

I have the right at anytime and for any reason to discontinue working with you or shutting down a project. That being said, if you meet the requirements above and agree to work using the system I have setup here, I will most likely teach a course with you here on Udemy.

4) Why are you doing this?

The biggest success I have had so far on Udemy has come from collaborating with other instructors. Udemy needs more great courses and you deserve the chance to teach them. I hit the limit of what I can do by myself and in order to continue my own growth, I must continue to expand my collaboration with others. The system I share with you here now will allow me literally publish a course every time you complete your part of the course. Also, The #1 instructor account on Udemy is a company that has 200+ courses available.

5) Why do I have to do all of my part of the course before you do anything except create the course?

The biggest failure I have had working with instructors so far is starting a course, filming my lectures, and the other instructor not finishing the course. With multiple courses live and many more on the way here on Udemy, you can have faith that I will finish my part of the lectures in the course. By requiring you to finish your entire part of the course first, I eliminate the need for me to guess whether you will be motivated enough to complete your part of the course. This system allows me gives you the chance to prove it to me. I take a leap of faith that you are an instructor worth teaching a course with and you take a leap of faith on me that I will finish the course once you send it to me with your part completely finished. I think this is a fair arrangement for both of us which is why I have set it up like this.

6) If you get a lot of people that work with you, how will you decide whose course to finish first?

First come first served! I will complete and submit courses in the order that you finish them. If you finish your part of our course first before anyone else does, then I will finish my part first with you. Whoever finishes after you will have to wait until I have completed our course and then I will handle the next course in order that it was finished. You can begin lectures immediately prior to me even inviting you to make the course if you really want to get a jump on everyone else.

7) What do I get out of making a course with you like this?

You get the chance to make a lot more sales and get more students. Most of my Udemy organic sales every month come from Udemy selling my courses to people that already bought my courses. Most of my sales from my own promotions come from selling my courses to my existing students via promo emails. When you make a course with me, you get to be included in this. The more courses you make with me, the more Udemy can sell our courses to existing students and you get to be included in all of promotions I do for my own courses such as on my website, promo emails, YouTube, and in other Udemy courses. By making a course with me, your growth becomes connected directly with my growth.

8) What did you base this system off of to create it?

This system is based on a survival of the fittest approach by picking the most motivated instructors to work with and the assumption that you are capable of showing me you are worth working with. The idea with this system is to allow the most motivated instructors like you to be attracted to work with me and for me to provide the least possible resistance in doing my part to work with you.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to working with you.  

Sincerely, Joe Parys