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Rafael John Regidor

“ If you are already teaching at udemy or aiming to be one. This course is a good refresher for you. So that you can cut through the clutter and trim any unnecessary part of your course. After watching this course in one sitting. I have the clearest idea for my next courses on udemy and I am sure I will finish them in the fastest way possible while retaining the quality of presentation that I also aim in my courses. The course is great and do yourself a favor and enroll in it now. Its great to have different perspective and opinions on course creation and so that we don't get too "SET" in our ways. There's always room for improvement in our courses and course HITS HARD! ”


Jeremy McDonald

“ Really enjoy his information and you can tell he has spent hours practicing and learning. I have trust that he is the teacher to give me the information needed. ”


Alyce-Kay Ruckelshaus

“ I’m only about halfway through this course, but am loving it. Love Joe’s enthusiasm; it’s catching. Love the way he instills confidence and FAITH in his students. Love the opportunities he presents. I like the way he breaks things down into small lectures. I usually end up watching an hour or two at a time, but occasionally, I say, “Hey, I have 10 minutes. I’ll catch a lecture really quickly.” I love that flexibility. ”


Josh Hindman

“ I have to say I am very impressed with this course and how well Joe has explained things in it. Not only is the course comprehensive, the quality is great and most of all Joe’s engagement with his students is pretty amazing. If I had to criticize something, it would be the number of times Joe ask us to write a review.  🙂  I haven’t completed the course yet but Joe has gotten me very engaged by his style of teaching, the length of his videos is perfect and he really shows that he has lived through what he is teaching now. Great work! I look forward to finishing the course! ”


Pamela Lang

“ VERY informative so far. Thank you for showing examples of low-cost tools we can use to create a more professional video. This alone is going to be a huge time and money saver. ”

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